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Zorro (2017)
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ZORRO documents themes and highlights from the Ensemble's live score to The Mark of Zorro (1920) starring Douglas Fairbanks. The score nimbly navigates quick cutting action and drama while fleshing out political and social overtones underlying the swashbuckling adventure.

ZORRO features composer Jack Curtis Dubowsky (conductor), Alicia Byer (clarinet), R. Scott Dibble (piano), Angelo Metz (guitars), Slam Nobles (percussion), Jeff L. Schwartz (double bass) and Charles Sharp (bass clarinet, flute, cornet, electronics).

ZORRO was recorded by legendary engineer Earle Mankey known for his work with The Beach Boys, Elton John, Concrete Blond, Sparks, and many more. The album was recorded live and mixed in two days by Mankey.

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble III (2011)
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In February 2010, while teaching at a music college in Minnesota, bandleader Dubowsky had surgery for a detached retina. (Cover photograph shows an old warehouse building in Lowertown St. Paul.) This album reflects an eye theme, tracks including "Retina," "Depth Perception," "Lattice Degeneration," "Night Vision," "Pupil," and "Iris."

The Long Beach Post described Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble III as "an experimental collection of tracks that are likely to take the listener to a rarely-visited psychedelic state of mind... the sometimes-structured, sometimes-abstract free-form instrumentals and electronic sounds transcend traditional musical boundaries and require an open mind and an appreciation for creative exploration."

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble II
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble II (2010)
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The second JCDE album saw the addition of Hall N. Goff on trombone and electronics. JCDE supported the album with an East Coast Tour across five states.

New music blogger Grego Applegate Edwards wrote, "This is not music that is easily classified. I suppose you should think of it as electroacoustic music that draws on rock and jazz elements and resituates them into a highly singular new music matrix. This is slowly developing music that over time is quietly rewarding and without a doubt worth hearing."
JCD Ensemble I Cover
Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble I (2008)
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The debut JCDE album. After a long series of bands and musical projects, Dubowsky decided it was time to perform and release music under his own name, especially as the music increasingly intersected contemporary classical, electroacoustic, and new music spheres.

San Francisco Classical Voice wrote, "The ensemble's music can be described as free-form and transcendental; it's recorded live, without overdubs or sequencing. While comparisons of this sort are often odious, I might think of it as "the Philip Glass Ensemble meets John Zorn," with a healthy dose of Ornette Coleman thrown in for good measure." (Brian Gleeson, August 21, 2009)